Hi my name is Emma!

Or ‘Em’ as i’ve been known for a lifetime!

LIKES:  Weekends in Wales, Prosecco, Coffee, Cleaning (I know!) and Cake (all kinds!)

DISLIKES: Nutella, clutter (major OCD!) and life before my semi-permanent eyebrows (life-changing!)

A little bit about me! 

Em Creative was formed through my love for Design and I have worked in the industry in Design Studios and a successful Marketing team for over 20 years! I am a busy mum of two but now I am fulfilling my dream to run
my own business and exert the best use of my skills to help others achieve their dream.

I value my family relationships utmost, this extends through my work. I like to establish a valuable working relationship with my clients first and foremost.  Serious but fun and building relationships that last a lifetime, that's how I like to work and it works! I promise!


I am the ultimate advocate for dreaming bigger and working smarter and hope that I can bring that

work ethic to you and your enterprise! 

I am based in Wrexham, North Wales and love spending time on my doorstep, right in the heart of Wales.
My work affords me to work from anywhere and your location is not an issue either, I strongly believe we can work together on any project no matter where you are!

I am ready and raring to get you noticed! 


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